Gone With The Wind Picnic

Change of plans…
Our GwtW picnic will be an indoor picnic at my house.
July 28th @ 7pm
Please bring a salad to share.
email or txt me for directions*
See you in a few days!!
*sarahronk (at) gmail (dot) com
345 – 3591


Bookkeeping of sorts…

Two changes are happening with the book club:

Life can be busy, things change, schedules get scrambled, it happens, so we are making a change in which Thursday of the month we meet. Now we will meet on the second Thursday of the month.

The second change is a minor thing. We (the book club core) often has the next 6+ books planned ahead of time. Usually we reveal the next 2 books. Now we’ll keep you in the bigger loop of knowledge.

We aren’t the type of book club that requires commitments.
You can come whenever you want.
As often as you want.
Whenever we’re reading a book you like.
Or that you have time to read.


drumroll please…

The upcoming books:

March: The Tipping Point
April: Three Cups of Tea (at Tea’s Me on Saturday)
May: It’s a surprise!
June: no June meeting (July’s book is long)
July: Gone with the Wind (picnic at Geist Park)
August: A Girl Named Zippy (bring a friend night)
September: The Hobbit (dinner party)

I’m interested in your thoughts on these little changes. Feel free to leave a comment! Any books you’re excited to see on the list?

Schedule update

We have one more book for 2009:

The Code of the Woosters by PG Wodehouse on Monday December 14th at 7:00pm at my house. (email me if you need directions)

Then in the first half of 2010 we’ll be reading:

Note: we are not meeting in January, so plenty of time to get started on…

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas for February 22nd at 7:00pm. We will be meeting at Sarah J’s house. (email me if you need directions) Several people have told me this is their favorite book, a 10 book! I’m excited to get it started and see what it’s all about!

Muslims Christians and Jesus by Carl Medearis AND Miniskirts, Mothers and Muslims by Christine A. Mallouhi at 7:00pm on March 22nd at Paradise Bakery and Cafe. We’ve never done two books in one month before, but don’t worry. Pick one or the other, or you can read both! I would challenge you to read them both, I think it will make for a great discussion!

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens at 11:00am on April 17th at Tea’s Me Cafe.

Many more great books will be read next year, thanks for all your great suggestions! I’ll be adding them to the schedule soon.

Happy Reading,

A few changes…

…but don’t worry they are good changes!!

I’m excited to announce that we are adding more books to our schedule! We are sneaking another book in for 2009…

For November we are reading another Jane Austen book… Pride and Prejudice. We’ll meet at the Paradise Bakery & Cafe off 69 and 238 on Monday November 23rd at 7:00pm.

December is still going to be The Code of the Woosters by PG Wodehouse on Friday December 4th at 7:00pm.

Then through 2010 we’ll be reading more one-month-books….

January we won’t be meeting, but February’s book is a tad longer so that will just give you extra time to read! In February we’ll meet on Monday the 22nd for The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas at 7:00pm.

March’s book is Muslims Christians and Jesus by Carl Medearis on Monday the 22nd at 7:00pm.

In April we’ll be reading A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens and discussing it on Monday the 19th at 7:00pm.

October’s book

We were small in numbers for our meeting on Monday, but it was a good time of muffins, iced mango tea and of course talk of Asher Lev!

If you couldn’t make it and still like to hear some discussion on it head over to Midday Connections Book Club site. They read the book back in November of 07 and you can still access the audio archives for it and hear the broadcast.

Our next book for October is The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. If you aren’t familiar with this author… maybe Sherlock Holmes will ring a bell! It’s a mystery featuring the one and only Holmes and Dr Watson.

Amazon currently has it for $3.99! Buy it now for some fun detective Fall reading!

I hope you can find some time to read this one and we’ll see you in October!!
Happy Reading,
For those like me who like to know what’s coming up, here are the next few books planned…

The Code of the Woosters by P.G. Wodehouse for December (this will probably be in early December, the same time as our Christmas Party)

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas for February

Muslims Christians and Jesus by Carl Medearis for April


From the feedback I’ve received, I’m going to switch our meeting time to Mondays, –instead of busy, busy Saturdays.

Our next meeting, to discuss My Name Is Asher Lev, will be Monday August 17th. Please RSVP to me and let me know if you can make it. (either by leaving a comment or emailing me: [email protected])

Location is still TBD but we’ll probably be meeting at 7:00pm.

I am just pages away from finishing the book! I hope if you are reading it you are enjoying it as much as I am!!! Can’t wait to get together and discuss it!!!

happy reading!

change of plans

I hope I’m not scaring people away by changing things… again… but here I go. 🙂

Seeing that this is summer, and for most people, that means a BUSY schedule. We are pushing the book discussion on My Name Is Asher Lev back to Saturday August 15th. So, check your schedule! Are you free?! You should come!!!

Actually, that will be our last Saturday meeting. After that, we will most likely be meeting on Monday nights. But this is not set in stone. Would you rather it be a different week night? If so, please speak up!

Happy Reading!!!

My Name Is Asher Lev

This is our next book club read. You still have plenty of time to track down a copy of the book and read it before our July 25th discussion.

I’ll have to admit I haven’t started this book yet. (GASP! I know!) I try to be one book ahead or have at least read it sometime in the past. But not to worry. I have several trusted sources who tell me it’s a great one! If you’ve read it please feel free to leave some comments. I’d love to hear what you think of it! I do know Asher Lev is from a Hasidic Jewish family in 1940s in Brooklyn. Sure sounds intriguing to me!

I hope you all are enjoying the club! These books shouldn’t feel like assignments for school. (Although this particular book is often required reading for school.) If you have time to read and join us for the discussion, that’s great! But if you can’t make it or a certain book doesn’t strike your fancy, no worries. Maybe the next one will! Or better yet, let me know the type of books your interested in! There might be others interested in the same kind!

I haven’t got many surveys back, but I will probably slow the books down and not have one-month-books so often. If you haven’t responded to the survey questions, please take time to let me know your thoughts!

If you have friends or family who you think would be interested in joining us, invite them! This isn’t a closed club, any are welcome!

I am interested to hear who is planning on reading this book. Please leave a comment or send me an email. I’m hoping to start reading this week! I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

*important schedule update*

Due to next weekend being Father’s Day weekend and the busyness of summer schedules, I’m canceling the book club meeting for this month. (scheduled for next Saturday 6/20)

Sorry if this is short notice, I was waiting to see how our turn-out would be before saying anything, and it seems everyone is busy! (somehow this happens often in the summers!)

We will meet next to discuss My Name Is Asher Lev on July 25th. I’ve heard many of you express that you were looking forward to this book!

Happy Reading!

recap and what’s next

Yesterday was a beautiful day for our discussion!! I very much enjoyed our time and of course all the yummy food! (I think I’m still stuffed from it all!) We touched on everything from phantom of the opera to the turkey sex chapter to gardening. Everyone was impacted by the book and are planning more gardening of their own!! I would really encourage you to read it sometime! All of us are counting the days until more Farmer’s Markets open! And please, anyone who knows where to get those blue potatoes mentioned, let us know! We’d love to try them!!

If you did read this one, I’d be interested to know how you’d rate it on a scale of 1-10 and why? Send me an email or leave a comment.

What’s Next: The Shack
This time we only have one month to read it. May 16th will be our next discussion at the park. I’ve almost finished it and can’t wait to see how it turns out! I would definitely suggest not judging this book “by it’s cover.” My challenge to you would be to read it for yourself and not to take others opinions of it as your own.

And Beyond:
For those who like to know what’s coming and get things on the calender, here are the following books and dates…

June: Suzanna Wesley by Arnold A. Dallimore (and a brunch picnic for the whole family!) on June 20th (it’s only 11 cents used on amazon right now!!!)

July: My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok, 10:00 am at the park, July 25th

August: The Code of the Wooster by PJ Wodehouse, 10:00 am at the park, August 15th