Bookkeeping of sorts…

Two changes are happening with the book club:

Life can be busy, things change, schedules get scrambled, it happens, so we are making a change in which Thursday of the month we meet. Now we will meet on the second Thursday of the month.

The second change is a minor thing. We (the book club core) often has the next 6+ books planned ahead of time. Usually we reveal the next 2 books. Now we’ll keep you in the bigger loop of knowledge.

We aren’t the type of book club that requires commitments.
You can come whenever you want.
As often as you want.
Whenever we’re reading a book you like.
Or that you have time to read.


drumroll please…

The upcoming books:

March: The Tipping Point
April: Three Cups of Tea (at Tea’s Me on Saturday)
May: It’s a surprise!
June: no June meeting (July’s book is long)
July: Gone with the Wind (picnic at Geist Park)
August: A Girl Named Zippy (bring a friend night)
September: The Hobbit (dinner party)

I’m interested in your thoughts on these little changes. Feel free to leave a comment! Any books you’re excited to see on the list?


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