About Us

Who: Ladies who love to read!

What: A some-what traditional book club experience

When: The 2nd Thursday of every month at 7pm

Where: It varies… where ever the mood of the book takes us,
often we’ll meet at a park or a member’s home.

Why: Because we love to read, and we want to encourage others to read too!
Books help us to learn and grow, challenge us, help us connect with others,
and let us travel every single day.

Selecting our books

Our book club’s motto is to “read humbly and widely” and that helps form our reading goals that then give us a framework for selecting books. 

  • We purposefully pick books from a variety of genres, styles, settings, and publication dates. 
  • We attempt to stretch ourselves by reading books that aren’t always obvious bookclub titles.
  • We intentionally avoid selecting newly published books, although there are occasional exceptions for especially beloved authors.
  • We have a long-term goal to read the world, reading books with a strong sense of place from as many different locations as possible.
  • We strive to balance our reading year with occasional lighter titles intermingled with heavier works.
  • We love discovering more obscure titles that members would otherwise never read, while also reading at least one classic or modern classic each year.
  • Although we try to verify availability in local library systems, we don’t limit ourselves to books that are currently in print.
  • We aim to select books that have an audio format, but occasionally choose books that don’t have that option.

more the details about our club:
Reading Is Social: 31 days on An Old Fashioned Book Club


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