blog post game

Discussion Questions for
The Tipping Point

And just for fun this post is written as a Mad Lib.
(and give you a little practice in knowing (or remembering) your parts of speech)

So get out a pen choose your words… for real… try it… it’ll be fun!

1 noun_________
2 adjective _________
3 verb _________
4 plural noun_________
5 noun _________
6 noun _________
7 plural color_________
8 adjective _________
9 US city _________
10 noun _________
11 number __________
12 verb _________
13 adjective _________
14 adjective _________
15 plural noun_________
16 number __________

This _____ (noun) was packed _____(adjective)! So as a refresher, before I _____ (verb) to the questions, here are a few of the _____ (plural noun) we read about…

the _____ (noun) of the Few
Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen
the Stickiness _____ (noun)
Sesame Street, _____(plural color) Clues, and the _____ (adjective) Virus
The Power of Context
Bernie Goetz and the Rise and Fall of _____ (US city) _____ (noun)
The magic number _____ (number)

A few questions for thought:

~ Can you _____ (verb) with the Connectors, Mavens, or Salesmen? Are you one to any certain degree?
~ If you aren’t one of those, which of these would you consider yourself to be?
Early adopters, Early Majority, Laggards
~ Did you take the Manhattan _____ (adjective) _____ (noun) test? (on page 39) If not, try it out and lets us know how you did.
~ Which study did you find the most _____ (adjective)?
~ Would you read any other _____ (plural noun) by Gladwell?
~ How would you rate this book on a scale of 1-_____ (number)?

See you Thursday at Borders at 7:00!
Bring your book and your Mad Lib!

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