Spring Reading Thing 2011

Dear fellow Bookworms,

Thought I’d share this low-to-no-pressure reading challenge! (Did you catch that?… LOW to NO pressure!!) Katrina over at Callapidder Days is hosting a Spring reading challenge (March 20-June20.) I’d encourage you to check it out and maybe even sign up! It doesn’t matter what your reading goal is… 2 books or 20! If you sign up by March 24th you can have a chance to win some Amazon $$!

Here are all the details! Let me know if you link up. I’d love to see your to-read lists!! Here’s mine list in case you’re interested: reading goals.

fellow book lover,

PS: Spring is just the perfect time to read, don’t you think?! Windows open, curtains blowing in the breeze and adventures to be had on the pages of your next book!


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