My Name Is Asher Lev

This is our next book club read. You still have plenty of time to track down a copy of the book and read it before our July 25th discussion.

I’ll have to admit I haven’t started this book yet. (GASP! I know!) I try to be one book ahead or have at least read it sometime in the past. But not to worry. I have several trusted sources who tell me it’s a great one! If you’ve read it please feel free to leave some comments. I’d love to hear what you think of it! I do know Asher Lev is from a Hasidic Jewish family in 1940s in Brooklyn. Sure sounds intriguing to me!

I hope you all are enjoying the club! These books shouldn’t feel like assignments for school. (Although this particular book is often required reading for school.) If you have time to read and join us for the discussion, that’s great! But if you can’t make it or a certain book doesn’t strike your fancy, no worries. Maybe the next one will! Or better yet, let me know the type of books your interested in! There might be others interested in the same kind!

I haven’t got many surveys back, but I will probably slow the books down and not have one-month-books so often. If you haven’t responded to the survey questions, please take time to let me know your thoughts!

If you have friends or family who you think would be interested in joining us, invite them! This isn’t a closed club, any are welcome!

I am interested to hear who is planning on reading this book. Please leave a comment or send me an email. I’m hoping to start reading this week! I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.


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