Basket of Flowers: A Recap

A week ago Thursday we met to discuss “The Basket of Flowers.”


Funny Story Interlude: I accidentally read “A Flower Basket” which is a story about a fairy with a flower basket. I realized I was reading the wrong book when the previous blog posts said nothing about fairies. oops.


We had a lovely chat. Drank warm drinks. And smiled at the baby that came along.


We realized during the discussion that the electronic version had a different ending than the book version. However, each of us seemed happy with the ending that read and would have been disappointed if the version we read had ended the other way.


The general consensus was that we liked the book, which is why I’m not ruining either ending 🙂 It’s short; go read it for yourself!


Our next book is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.
Speaking of little women…



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