Up next: A Wrinkle In Time

Join us May 8th for a discussion of A Wrinkle In Time at 7:00pm.  This year we’re adding a new, fun twist to our Young Reader month discussion! If you have a daughter that has read the book they are welcome to join us and get a taste of what their Mama does every month on book club Thursday!

We’ll be back at Paradise Bakery and Cafe at HTC…. which we might technically call: Panaraise, according to the other Sarah. The sign still says Paradise, but they sell Panara food. You have been warned, in case you were hoping for a Paradise cookie. 😉

*Heads up for next month. We don’t want Les Mis to sneak up on you, go ahead and start it now. I’m almost half way and really enjoying it! I’m learning long books are not intimidating.


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