"best selling novelist of all time"

According to the Guinness Book of World Records our author this month, Agatha Christie, is the best selling novelist of all time! No matter how big or small a book club is… they should read the best, right?!

I previewed this book earlier this year, and I know I will read more of her mysteries. Murder on the Orient Express is now in my ibooks waiting for me. Granted, I’ve only read one of her 66 detective novels I may not be the best judge… but the mystery, the funny, the British, the lack of gore won me over, for sure.

Christie had a full life, a life she chronicled in two autobiographies.

So I don’t spoil those books, incase you’d like to read them, here is a glimpse of her life… in numbers:

1890 -the year she was born
1 brother
1 sister
4 yrs old -when she taught herself to read
1st World War -worked as a hospital nurse, and in a pharmacy (with poisons… great for her future plots!)
1914 -married first husband, Archibald Christie an aviator
1 daughter, Roselind
11 days -how long she was missing after news of her first husband’s unfaithfulness
1930 -married her second husband, an Max Mallowan an archeologist
2nd World War -worked in the pharmacy at University College Hospital, again with poisons.
1968 -because of her husbands knighthood, she became Lady Mallowan.
85 -age at her death

66 detective novels
14 short story collection
24,000 performances of her stage play, Mouse Trap

1st recipient of the Mystery Writers of America’s highest honour, the Grand Master Award

I hope you join us next Thursday October 13th at 7:00 at Paradise Bakery and Cafe for a great discussion!

Happy Reading,



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