Read it. I know you’ll love it.

One of my life-goals is to become Mary Poppins. I just love her so much I want to be her. She’s a practically perfect sort of magic, and I know just what I’d do when it came time to jump into a chalk picture: hop right into the story of Winnie the Pooh for a rousing game of pooh sticks.

The childish sort of whimsy and randomness that abounds in the stories of Poppins and Pooh is appealing to me, and I was delighted to find that A. A. Milne wrote other things besides stories of Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear. One of them is a collection of “Short Stories and Poems for Proper Grown-ups” called The Sunny Side which we will be discussing in a few short weeks, and just in case you haven’t bought a copy yet, you can do so here.

I’m supposed to be introducing this book to you, but I haven’t read it yet! However, I would say, having not read the book, that this book is ridiculous, charming, truthful, silly, adventurous, and full of delightful tales that are sure to make you feel like a kid again.

Some helpful tips to begin your reading:

*I followed someone’s advice and read the introduction, and I’d like to note that he says NOT to read the first section first. Skip the collection entitled “oranges and lemons” and go straight to “men of letters” (which in my book is on page 57).

*A joint in this story is not illegal drugs, it’s meat. i think.

*Don’t take anything in this book too seriously. They were originally stories written for a British satire magazine.

*Read the introduction.

*Take note of anything that makes you laugh or which is your favorite. I’m sure we’ll want to compare later!

*Go buy the book on amazon if you haven’t yet!



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