Anne’s evolution

I love the transformation we see Anne go through in this book. Here are a few questions to get you thinking before we meet for our discussion

1. How does Anne’s opinion of her hair change?

2. Anne’s clothing transforms through this book, explain the role of fashion for the characters.

3. Nature is always there for Anne, why is it such a reliable companion?

4. Anne is often talking about people being or not being her kindred-spirit. What are some qualities you would list as those of a kindred-spirit? Have you experienced this type of friendship?

5. What are the differences in the way Anne deals with her emotions in the beginning of the book compared to the end?

6. How Anne uses her imagination to make reality seem more appealing or attractive?

7. Why does Anne insist that her name be spelled with an “e”?

I hope you have enjoyed the book, or still can find time to finish it before we meet! Such a great story! Can’t wait to see you all on Monday!!



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