party re-cap and other info

Here are a few shots Janet got throughout the evening….

Thank you all so much for coming last night! I had a wonderful time and hope you did too! Telephone-Pictionary turned out to be a great hit! For those that weren’t able to make it, don’t worry I think we should play that one again!! I can’t remember the last time I laughed that much or that hard! seriously! đŸ™‚

I have several ideas for more fun get-togethers in 09! I actually have a list of many different kinds of activities we could do this coming year, so stay tuned! I might even throw in some “1 month” books instead of taking two months to read.

Some of you mentioned you don’t always know when I post here… so here are some options to be sure you never miss an entry.

1. You can use the igoogle home page and sign up for this site via an RSS feed. (This isn’t as complicated as it may sound. I can give you more detailed instructions if you need them.)

2. Google Reader -similar to #1 but this doesn’t have any fancy widget options, just RSS feeds.

3. Email updates -I can add your email so your are automatically sent an email anytime I post. (This is an easy options but I have a limit of 10 ppl that I can add to receive emails.)

The Rest of God -Restoring your Soul while Restoring the Sabbath

I still have 2 chapters to go, but this has been an awesome and informative book! If haven’t had the chance to read it yet I would really recommend it. Especially during this busy time of year! In the introduction Buchanan states that in this book he’s trying to “help us think differently about time and eternity, rest and work, food and play –to change and renew our minds about such things.”

I bought my copy of the book and a few ppl have already asked to borrow it, so let me know if you are also interested.

February’s book is Robinson Crusoe… more to come on this soon.


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