Book Game

My friend gave me this book tonight… but with conditions…

After I read it, I write my name, city and state and date that I read it.
Then I must give to to someone else to read.
Who knows where the book will travel or even how many years it might get passed around!

I thought this was a fantastic idea!!! I like all things book related anyway! Why wouldn’t I love this?!! Maybe we can do this with our book club. Each pick a book, maybe even one we already own (and wouldn’t mind giving to the game) and start passing them around! It doesn’t even have to just be with the others in our club, although it could start there. I’m going to look into a website that we could write in the books so those who get the book can log their name and location and we can see where they travel! (I’m sure we aren’t the first to do this, maybe a website already exists!)

Let me know your thoughts on the game!


Renee already has this blog set up. It has all the details and info. If anyone is interested in reading The Christmas Sweater next let me know. 🙂


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