Happy One Year!!

Happy 1st Anniversary to us!!! Yep, this month we turn ONE!
Watch for a newsletter coming soon!

In other news, Saturday we were going to meet to discuss The Shack……… BUT there was only one other person who could make it. She and I decided to discuss it another night. (probably a week night) If you are have read it and are interested in grabbing some coffee with us one night to chat about it please let me know and I’ll pass on the details!

Next month’s book is Suzanna Wesley by Arnold A. Dallimore on June 20th. We are getting into summer schedules and I know things get booked (hehe) up pretty quickly. Don’t forget to get this book soon so you have time to read it! We were also planning on having June’s meeting be a family picnic, maybe more in the afternoon/evening with a pitch-in for dinner. Please give me some feed back if you and your family are interested and would be able to make it. Should be lots of fun!!!

Thanks and happy reading!