Looking back, looking ahead…

As we head into the next reading season and roll out our 2022 line up (yippee!!) I’m looking back at where we’ve been in awe! 

As a young wife and new mom in 2008 I never imagined my book club dream would become the amazing reality it is today. I was new to the reading life and as a verbal processor I wanted to talk to everyone I ran into about my latest read… but they hadn’t read the book. Enter my book club plan. 


I knew from the beginning I wanted this club to be different. I truly wanted to discuss the work of literature. (And even as someone with a studio art degree, I now call this is my favorite form of art.) In those early days book clubs weren’t trending and there wasn’t much about them on the internet.

In an effort to keep running the best book club here are some things that will remain the same and then some new changes we are implementing. 

  • We will remain a women-only book club (nursing babies are an exception to attendance restrictions)
  • We will continue to be a book club that has the expectation that members read the book before the meeting. 
  • We will still discuss the book during our meeting time. To respect your time we can move to extra visiting before or after the meeting. 

New changes:

  • We are putting a temporary moratorium on new members. We believe this is needed so all can hear and have an opportunity to participate. Our discussions are the heart of our bookclub and we want to ensure they can be good. 
  • You know we love our special event months, so if there is interest we may bring back the “bring a friend month” and tie that into a wait list to join if needed.
  • We’ve set up a form to receive title suggestions for future discussions. We always love getting more books to include in the giant spreadsheet of possible titles we use when developing the reading list for each year. You can suggest books at any time, and although there is space for additional details, the only required field is the book title.  We refer to this spreadsheet when we make decisions on future selections.

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