Parnassus Discussion Questions

Parnassus On Wheels Discussion Questions01Parnassus

Why the name “Parnassus on Wheels?” What does it mean?

What is Helen’s relationship to books at the beginning?

How does Helen view literature? How does Andrew view it? How does the Roger? How are their views complementary? How do they influence the way each character views the wagon?

Why does Helen buy the wagon?

What does everyone think when Helen takes off?

Why does Helen fall in love with Roger? How do the books play a role (or do they)?

Why can’t Roger actually let Parnassus go?

What do you think about Roger’s commitment to putting the right book in someone’s hands?

How does Roger’s approach to selling books differ from industry approach?

What do you think about Roger’s refusal to give certain people Shakespeare or other books? Are some books above certain people? Is there a secret progression to books?

How is the Parnassus approach different from the traveling salesman who sold the volumes of funeral orations?


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