Recap of The Hiding Place/ Intro to Ivanhoe!

We had a great discussion a few weeks ago on The Hiding Place  by Corrie ten Boom. Who doesn’t love her name, by the way? This book is the story of her life- particularly during World War II- and is a must read for pretty much everybody. We all got a little stuck on Betsie, her sister, and how inspiring she was with her heart full of love especially for her captors and her ability to give thanks in ALL circumstances. While I reminded everyone that we should also look to Corrie’s example of courage and willingness to serve and Nollie’s commitment to obeying the Word of God, I still can’t stop reminding myself to be thankful even for fleas. Thanks again, Sheila, for hosting!

Next Up! Ivanhoe

Set in the 12th century, this is the oldest time period by far that we’ve read as a book club. The good news is that it was written in the 19th century so it should look like English to all of us 🙂 Ivanhoe is, sadly, not about ice cream, but there are knights and swineherds and melee. So says all the highlighted blue words on the Wikipedia page. Most importantly there’s also Robin Hood. I have no idea where he fits into the story, but I’ve always liked him. I blame Disney. Also, this is one of my favorite songs. I plan on getting my read on very soon, and then you can check the facebook page for other random videos and thoughts on things that probably have nothing to do with this story.

The best reason to read this book, though, is that it’s dinner party month!!!! You don’t want to miss out. So grab your copy and join us!


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