A Christmas party recap

Thought I’d share a few glimpses of our book club Christmas party!
Sarah did an excellent job decorating her house for the occasion!

Our white elephant books sat wrapped under the tree waiting for us to finish our dissuasion of A Year In Provence. (Which I still say we should all just go there on a book club road (air and sea) trip some day!)

Don’t you love her tree with just sliver and green decorations? I do!

Table runner inspired by The Nester’s tablecloth.

Amazing hot chocolate bar fixings.
This truly scrumtious hot chocolate recipe that must be tried by all.
It just must. Helen at Tartelette is a genius.
And the beautiful book trees were made by our very own Wendy! Thanks Wendy!
I was having way too much fun enjoying the party and didn’t take very many photos.
We also enjoyed some heavenly Gingerbread apple upside down cake that Gwynne made from SmittenKitchen. It looked almost exactly like this… and tastes better than it looks if you can believe it!

This year we got festive with some Pomegranate-Champagne Punch from Martha Stewart
Minus the liqueur, but still YUM!

We finished up our evening with a lil ol’ game of cherades. Wonder what we were acting out?

…next year’s books! Shall I say entertaining? Yes.
(Janet and I will be sharing a vlog soon with all the 2012 book club books!
This will be the first time we’ve released all 12 books at one time. Be excited!)

Each guest left with a mini Broadened Horizons book club journal. I spent many nights cutting up old books, making library cards, counting pages and watching more than my fair share of Netflix while putting these together but enjoyed every minute!
See you January 12th for The Help at Paradise Bakery and Cafe at 7:00pm.

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