GwtW discussion questions

Our Gone with the Wind discussion is next Thursday, July 28th. Here are a few questions and topics to get you thinking…

1. How do Gerald and Ellen influence Scarlett’s character? What traits does she inherit from each?

2. In what way does Scarlett represent the Old South and in what way does she represent the New South? How does her transformation reflect the changes the South undergoes during and after the Civil War?

3. Compare and contrast Ashley and Rhett. What cultural attitudes or ways of life do they embody?

4. What role does Melanie play in the novel? How and why does her relationship with Scarlett change over time?

5. How are slavery and black people depicted in Gone with the Wind? Can the novel be labeled racist?

6. What values and lifestyles do Tara and Atlanta represent? How does Scarlett change as a result of her interactions with these two settings?

7. Discuss some of Scarlett’s unscrupulous actions—for instance, her employment of convicts in the mill. How does she justify these actions? How do other characters react to her? Does the narrator judge her, defend her, or remain objective?


Provided the heat doesn’t move us indoors we’ll be meeting at 7:00pm at Geist Park, Fortville. (Be sure to RSVP on facebook so I know to contact you if we move locations.)

May’s meeting seems like so long ago! I’m anxious to get back together and talk about this classic book! Hope you all are having a great summer and staying cool!

Don’t forget to bring a salad to share, as well as your own dishes. I’ll provide drinks.

See you in a week!


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