The Year of Living Biblically Discussion Questions

I hope you’re almost done with this month’s book “The Year of Living Biblically” by A.J. Jacobs. Our meeting is tomorrow night (Thursday) at 7pm at Paradise Bakery at Hamilton Town Center.

I’m including just a few questions as the book provides plenty of fodder for discussion without my help 🙂

1. How did the book end in comparison with your expectations?

2. Did any part of Jacobs’ journey give you pause, or reflection about the way you are currently living, reading the Bible, or your beliefs?

3. Do you feel like Jacobs’ approach to the Bible would be similar to other non-believers or religious people?

4. If you were to pick up the holy text for another religion, how would you go about reading and interpreting it?

5. Which was your favorite strange command that Jacobs practiced or tried out?

6. Would you recommend this book?

(If you can’t make it, but you read the book, pick a question and answer it in the comments! We can join in the discussion on the interwebs. :D)


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