I’m reading Little Women.

Really, though, I should be done by now. Our meeting is in 2 days, and boy is it going to be a PARTY! The Christmas party is always the best meeting of the year, and so I hope you’re all ready to get your fondue on. AND discuss the book. 1st things first, though–discussion questions!!!

~Which character did you relate to the most?

~Was there any aspect of life in the time of the Little Women that seemed particularly appealing to you?

~If I were to put on a play that I had written, would you rather: fall out of a poorly made castle or get shut up in a cot?

~Miss Louisa May wrote a sequel to this book called Little Men. If you were to write a sequel, what would you call it and what would it be about?

~Do you prefer to dip food in chocolate or drink warm wintry beverages?

I know these questions are hard, so put your thinking cap on and I’ll see you Wednesday! (Don’t forget your used, wrapped book for the gift exchange!)


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