Frankenstein encouragment

Thought I’d send out some encouragement for those of you, like myself, who are plugging away at this month’s book.

My book is organized in three volumes.
I’m currently in volume two, chapter three.
Things are starting to move along (finally.)

I’ve been listening to the book, for the most part. This book is in the public domain, audio files are free at LibriVox. (From there you can read it with the gutenburg etext link, it has some links to wikipedia entries, there is a zip of the all the audio file if you want to download it and you can get it as a podcast with itunes.)

I got the entire zip file and listen to it on the nano.

You can also listen to it on your phone… yes, even you regular old-non-fancy phone! As long as it can play mp3 files… which it might be able to do without you even knowing it! (worth checking into!) My phone has a mp3 player, it’s not fancy or elaborate by any means. It doesn’t remember where I am in the middle of the chapter if I turn it off. But I can fastforward to the correct spot. (Or just do the easy thing and try to always stop listening at the end of a chapter.)

All that to say it’s getting good… you just have to get through some groundwork Shelley lays in the beginning of the book.

And if you’re having trouble getting into it, maybe listening to it will help.

Plus it’s kinda fun to have a book read to me… instead of me being the one reading the books!

Hope to see you Thursday October 21, 2010 @ 7:00pm @ Paradise Bakery


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