Tracking Down Shane

My father-in-law has always been a huge fan of Westerns, especially Western novels. Every time we stay at my in-laws’ house, I am amazed by the large bookcase that houses his collection of Westerns (along with his J.R.R. Tolkien novels). Most of his books are by Louis L’Amour, but there are a few other authors in the mix as well, so I was hoping I might be able to borrow a copy of Shane by Jack Shaefer for our next book club meeting.

His response when I asked about it, “No, I don’t have a copy of Shane. Why don’t I have a copy of Shane?” He had the movie, but not of the book. So we left from that trip without being able to borrow a copy, but we had an idea for his Father’s Day present.

My father-in-law considers Shane to be the greatest Western movie ever made (and he knows his Westerns), and in many circles, Shane is also regarded as the greatest Western novel ever written.

“He rode into our valley in the summer of ’89, a slim man, dressed in black. ‘Call me Shane,’ he said. He never told us more.”

When he opened his Father’s Day present and saw the copy of Shane, my father-in-law was ecstatic and repeated his exclamations about how the movie is the greatest Western ever made. Seeing his joy made me even more excited to read this month’s book.

I’m still trying to track down my copy. Looks like I might have to place an Amazon order. Borders only had one copy when we checked, and that book was designated to become a much appreciated Father’s Day gift.

Have you gotten your copy of Shane yet? Have you started reading it? What are your impressions of it so far?


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