A sustaining book

My goal is that all the books we select be sustaining ones.

Have you ever thought about a book being “sustaining”?

Have you ever thought if the books you read your children are sustaining?

Many of you are mothers, some are not. Today I’d just like to talk about reading to children… yours, other peoples, everyone’s!

Jodi has blogged about this before, but it’s such an important thing it’s worth a repost! She started her own meme called “If You Give A Mom A Book.” I would encourage you to link up and share what you and the children in your life are reading!

Before I send you to the whole post here’s a snippet…

But what exactly is a Sustaining Book? Gladys Hunt, in her book Honey for a Child’s Heart, quotes Ruth Sawyer’s suggestion of “proper fare for a child’s mind” as

Stories that make for wonder. Stories that make for laughter. Stories that stir one within with an understanding of the true nature of courage, of love, of beauty. Stories that make one tingle with high adventure, with daring, with grim determination, with the capacity of seeing danger through to the end. Stories that bring our minds to kneel in reverence; stories that show tenderness of true mercy, the strength of loyalty, the unmawkish respect for what is good.

I have to strongly second that book! (Honey for a Child’s Heart) It’s often the gift I give to new mothers. My copy is well worn and marked up! Gladys Hunt also has Honey for a Woman’s Heart… another excellent one in my collection!

Take a minute and check out this post of Jodi’s, If You Give A Mom A Book. And here‘s the most current post from the Granola house.

At our house this week we read the old classic Tawny Scrawny Lion. Remember that one?

Happy Reading,

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The Sunny Side and The Mission of Motherhood


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