Monte Cristo recap

Monday night we discussed The Count of Monte Cristo! By far our longest book… but what a great adventure story! I loved the movie so when this book was suggested I was all about it! …But let me just say they are not the same story. And like normal, the book was MUCH better!


If you weren’t able to finish it all… abridged or not… I would highly recommend pressing on! I like to think I’m pretty good at guessing “what’s gonna happen next”… but Dumas kept me guessing with surprises all along the way!

We had another great turn out with 8 ladies joining us!


Many new faces! And I think they might be hooked and coming back for more!


I wish every week was book club week! I love getting out and doing a girly thing like the book club with friends!


Just when we were deep in discussion we realize that Paradise had been closed for 20 min! They weren’t kicking us out but they were definitely cleaning and shutting things down.


A few were late to arrive… like poor Nicole knocking on the window letting us know she couldn’t get in! Never fear Borders around the block was open until 9:00. We finished up there… where they did eventually KICK. us. out.

Thank you everyone for coming!
Happy reading!


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