Lamplighter Building Character

“you don’t want to get rid of the TV unless you’ve got something better to substitute it”

This quote came from an interview I heard on Revive our Hearts. They just had a two part program with the founder and president of Lamplighter Publishing, Mark Hamby. DEFINITELY worth taking some time to listen to… (or reading the transcript)

Day 1’s broadcast & transcript
Day 2’s broadcast / transcript

If you don’t have time read or listen now go grab podcast (for free) and listen to it later. I’m not sure how long they keep their programs available to download.

I already consider myself a bookworm, but after hearing these two broadcast I think I’ve moved to a deeper love of books… and reading… and reading aloud… and everything in between… and everything good that comes from all that!!!

When I taught preschool 3 year olds most days our reading time would be at least 30 minutes (straight!) And they usually asked for more! I thought that was pretty good, but now my son at just 21 months will sit on my lap (yes, for now, he still fits) for a whole hour reading books. Sometimes the same ones many times in a row, but I don’t mind. 🙂 I’m so glad he shares my love of reading!

This morning he came upstairs to his room, got his Bible, crawled in the chair and began looking through all the pages. After a few minutes he came and got me and asked me to read it to him. (Well, he actually came to me and said “B! B! B!” which is his way of saying READ!) 🙂

Ok, enough about me, I meant to be writing about Lamplighter!

Their site is SOOO worth checking out! Especially if you are a book lover!

The mission of Lamplighter Ministries is “to make ready a people prepared for the Lord, by building Christ-like character one story at a time.” The mission of this ministry is deeply rooted in the truths found in Malachi 4:6 and Luke 1:17.

I love that these books aren’t just for children. In the broadcast they mention a 12 yr old girl who read and loved one of the books and gave it to her grandfather, who also loved it and then bought 2 copies for his siblings!

Here’s another excerpt from their site…

Lamplighter books are edited within a Biblical theological framework to ensure that each story reflects the character of God and provides key Scriptures to be stored within the heart. The uniqueness of a Lamplighter book in contrast to other books with the same title is that they have been enhanced with helpful footnotes and woven with threads of Biblical truths that will be etched into an awakened moral conscience. These characteristics are what make our Lamplighter Collection so unique and highly valued.

Now, doesn’t that just make you want to get one of these books?!! There’s just something about those old classic stories! Some of the books they publish are ones that have been out of print for a long time!

Revive our Hearts is, for a few more days, giving away one of their books The Basket of Flowers, when you send in a donation.

I don’t think I’m a true bibliophile, but there is something that just gets me about how nice these books look and the quality of what’s inside! If I had the money I’d sign up for The Oliver level book club and get them all!


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