Waiting for Asparagus

For those of you who have started reading Animal Vegetable Miracle, you probably know by now this is the title of chapter two.

I just finished re-reading this chapter and thought I’d give you a taste, in case you are still on the fence about reading April’s book.

“A WHOLE chapter about asparagus?!!” you say? Before you moan and continue surfing elsewhere, listen for just a few minutes.

“Waiting for Asparagus” is much more interesting than I’m sure you can imagine! Up until a few years ago I’d never even eating any asparagus. Now, since trying it fresh and reading about Kingsolver chat about it for so many pages, I’m sold. It just might be my new favorite vegetable! Not only is it very informative about the vegetable (like, did you know it’s one of the best natural sorces for folic acid, Vit A, C and K!) we also start to learn about the beginning of their “year”.

After living on the (almost 100 acre, in hilly mountainous area… how’s that gonna work??) farm for a year, in early April they sit down to write their first week’s menu. And, basically, proceed to cross everything off their grocery list b/c it can’t be found local or it isn’t in season. What are they going to eat??? Don’t worry it’s not dandelions or roadkill. 🙂 Camille, her daughter, gives a sample of a full weeks menu! Wait till you see the delicious things they are eating! You just might be jealous!

They do get some treats! Each member of the family gets to pick one luxury item each in limited quantities. What would you choose?! Banana’s? They’re never local in this area. Diet coke? Can’t find that at the local farmers market! After seeing what her husband, 18yr old, 3rd grader and herself chose they made pretty good luxury picks! I won’t spoil the surprise of what they choose… you’ll have to read it and see!

Here’s a sneak peak into chapter three…
SEEDS! Specifically heirloom seeds. Two good companies to get these from are Seeds of Change and Seed Savors. Check them out to learn more about theses seeds that are generations old!

Don’t forget our April get-together is fast approaching! April 18th 10:00 am, mark your calenders! Yes, I know, it’s still March… but that’s only 5.5 weeks from now! Most of you showed interest in reading this book, which is a tad on the thick side with twenty chapters, so please don’t run out of time to get to it!

ALSO, March 21st we are going to have a social get-together at my house, 10am. It will be a little bit of this, a little bit of that, but we will definitely have some yummy goodies and be making magnetic book marks! More details to come very soon! But please let me know if you are interested.


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