Robinson Crusoe discussion questions

Here are a few questions I found for our meeting next month. I thought I’d send them out early so you can be thinking about then ahead of time.

1. Is Robinson Crusoe moving or too factual and realistic or both?
2. What techniques does the author use to make it moving? (shipwreck, footprint, cannibalism) Look at how he shows instead of telling.
3. Do women find it interesting? Why or why not?
4. Discuss the theological themes in the book. Providence, Conversion, Sanctification
5. What is sin in Robinson Crusoe? Before his conversion? After his conversion?
6. How does God Guide in Robinson Crusoe? Pay special attention to “secret hints.”
7. Trace, using the text, Robinson Crusoe’s process of conversion and sanctification.
9. What virtues does Robinson Crusoe learn? How does he learn them? (diligence, obedience, tolerance, gratitude, self-control, sensibility, wisdom)
9. What Biblical allusions do you see in the text?
10. Discuss the role of fear in the book.
11. Discuss the book as an evangelistic work.
12. Look at what he took with him when he left the island and its possible significance.


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