Book related websites

I found these two sites recently and thought I’d share!

The first one is This link will send you to my bookshelf. I can’t remember how I got to this site, but it’s a great one to sort/organize the books you’ve read, are reading, and plan to read. It says on their page that they can help you..

  • See what your friends are reading.
  • Keep track of what you’ve read and what you’d like to read.
  • Get great book recommendations from people you know.
  • Answer book trivia and collect your favorite quotes.

I would like to spend some time updating my bookshelf with some of those great books I’ve read. Maybe even write reviews on them! It seems like the perfect way to keep all that info in one place. (Plus, I’d like to see just exactly how many book I read in a year! haha!) One of my favorite features is the “compare prices” option. It’s very helpful if you plan to buy a book and not go through or (I haven’t gotten set up on either of these yet, so if you have, and have a second to comment on how you like them that would be helpful!)

The second site is It’s a free personal library catalog system! I found it b/c I was looking for a way to organize and tag all of Aaron’s books. The Preschool/Daycare where I used to work threw me a book baby shower so he has already accumulated quite the library! Here’s a link for a very short introduction to librarything.

(I’d secretly would LOVE to be a librarian! How fun is it that my mother-in-law is one?!! When we took those test in HS to see what job you’d be best at, I used to be embarrassed that mine came up “Librarian”, haha -not anymore!! I think they were RIGHT on!)

Anyway… I can sort all Aaron’s book’s so if we are going to read about ducks, or numbers, or opposites I can have all them tagged accordingly and find exactly which ones to read! Once I finish all of Aaron’s books I’ll see if it would be helpful to do mine also. But so far, I like what I have set up on GoodReads.

Another feature I like about LibraryThing is the wishlist option. It looks like you’d create a wishlist through Amazon. It says it takes some tweaking to get it, but the whole site is still in beta…. so maybe once they go real it will be more simple to do. But with this option, I can keep all the books listed that I’d like to get for Aaron in one place!

Let me know if you like either one of these site. I have no friends on GoodReads yet, so let me know if you join!! 🙂


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